Dr. Mouatez Karbab

About Me

Dr. ElMouatez Karbab has a track record in academia and industry, with extensive experience in applied machine learning, cybersecurity, and embedded systems. He served as a researcher at Concordia University and as a research scientist at the National Cyber Forensic and Training Alliance (NCFTA) in Canada. NCFTA is an international organization focused on investigating cyber-crimes. Additionally, Dr. Karbab has held the role of a data scientist and cybersecurity specialist at NCFTA Canada, where he developed numerous big-data and machine learning systems that benefit many Canadian academic institutions. During his tenure at Concordia University, Dr. Karbab also worked as a system administrator, managing an array of Linux-based computation and storage servers as well as large databases. These systems serve multiple information platforms for various institutions across Canada. As an embedded system consultant, Dr. Karbab has contributed to the development of new systems while also enhancing existing ones. Dr. Karbab also held a position as an associate researcher at the Research Center for Scientific and Technical Information (CERIST) in Algeria. There, he collaborated on international projects with the University of Cape Town in South Africa and the Heudiasyc Lab in France. Over the course of his career, Dr. ElMouatez Karbab has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in international journals and conferences, focusing on topics ranging from machine learning techniques to cybersecurity and embedded systems.


Concordia University
Researcher at Concordia Security Research Center.
NCFTA Canada
2014 - 2020
Data Scientist & Cyber-Security Specialist
Researcher at National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA Canada).
  • Investigating large-scale cyber threats.
  • Designing, developing and maintaining big data and machine learning systems for cyber security threats mitigation.
Concordia University
Research Assistant
Malware fingerprinting using machine learning techniques, different projects that include Concordia University/ NCFTA Canada and other academic, industrial, and government partners.
Concordia University
Teaching Assistant
Several tutorials and labs of graduate and undergraduate courses.
CERIST Research Center
2011 - 2014
Research Assistant & Embedded System Developer
Research assistant at CERIST Research Center, national and international projects.
  • Embedded systems development.
  • Software development.
Mobilis Telecom
2010 - 2011
Software Engineer
  • Java developer.
  • Database administrator.


mouatez _at_ karbab.net